About the Founders

The mission of Crafts Changing Hearts is to inspire talented individuals to share their creations with charities. When this happens, hearts on both sides are changed forever.

Amanda and I color

Mother & Daughter Duo Kimber Westmore & Amanda Green

Kimber Westmore is an active business woman, mother of four and a huge fan of talented people. She has surrounded herself with gifted individuals who understand that their God-given gifts should be shared. Kimber has found great joy in witnessing the changing of hearts through crafts and art from both the giver and receivers side.  She has a gift for bringing these groups together as well as telling their stories to encourage and motivate other groups.

“I am continuously amazed by the talent and creativity of these ordinary individuals doing extraordinary things in others hearts.”

Amanda Green is passionate about helping others and the non-profit community. She has dedicated her life to raising necessary funds to help homeless organizations provide vital housing and services for families in need. Amanda loves to volunteer and thrives on seeing others experience the joy of  supporting a cause they can connect with. She is a strong believer of small miracles and the saying:

“You get what you give!”

7 thoughts on “About the Founders

    • Thank you Elizabeth! We do hope to encourage and inspire people to use their gifts, make a difference and have fun. We are always looking for new stories too.

  1. I’ve only gotten this far but have to comment and congratulate you both on the incredible women that you are. I’m lucky to know you and proud to love you.

    • Thank you Tammi, Please share with anyone you think may need to read something inspiring each week or may have an artistic talent waiting to change hearts.

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