A Child And A Camera

Meet Sherry and Bob Jason, founders of City Hearts: Kids Say Yes to the Arts: a non-profit organization providing free visual and performing arts classes to children in Los Angeles. In 1984, Sherry, a former ballerina-turned-criminal defense attorney, and her husband, Bob, also an attorney, started this life-changing journey together.Sherry and Bob Jason

Fresh Focus: A New Shot at Life,” is one of the many programs offered through City Hearts. This inovative photography class encourages at-risk youth to shoot with cameras instead of guns. They are taught to use their critical eyes to evaluate, and, “through their eyes,” help educate others about their community.City Hearts 1

“It’s funny how dreams happen, how some totally unplanned experience provides the inspiration for something that changes your life,” Sherry shares. “And that’s what happened back in 1977, when, as a new public defender, I went to L.A.’s Central Juvenile Hall for the very first time. Expecting a totally depressing day, I never imagined that one experience would become the impetus and catalyst for a life-long commitment to changing lives.”

City Hearts inspires a love of the arts, an appreciation of creative discipline and respect for the creative process, enabling children and youth to be confident, imaginative, tolerant, generous and cooperative, as well as productive, contributing participants in their community.City hearts 3

This small sampling of photographs, taken by the children, has opened our eyes once again to the impact that a few people with open hearts can make when using their God-given talents.

When we learned about City Hearts, we at Crafts Changing Hearts, just had to discover more. We are looking forward to attending the next City Hearts’ local event: to support, experience and celebrate the impact of this great organization. Please join us! Meet us there or check out other ways you can make a difference. For more information, click here. Who knows? This could be the day you find a new way to use your own passions to change hearts.

City hearts 6City Hearts 4
City Hearts 2014 logo

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