Amen for the Amen Choir!

Blankets 3 EmeritusThe Amen Choir filled the room with smiles when they visited Emeritus Senior Living Center on Saturday. The residents were bright-eyed and excited to see the “angels” who came to bless them.Amen Choir

First, each resident was given a blanket in the color of their choice made by the Blanket Blessings Ministry of Shepherd of the Hills Church. Then, they settled in to be entertained by the choir who brought their own gifted pianist. The ladies and gentlemen naturally joined in the celebration by singing and clapping their hands.Edith and Renee

“We have never had anyone  bring us such beautiful gifts,” said one of the ladies. “The blankets are so soft and I love this music!”

Blankets were distributed to everyone who attended the “concert” as well as residents who remained in their rooms.

Katrina, one of the hairdressers, seemed as excited as the residents, sharing stories about the ladies she has grown to love. She grabbed a leopard blanket for Doris and let us in on the fact that it was her client’s birthday. Two birthdays were celebrated with the traditional birthday song and a cheery rendition of  “God loves you.”Katrina

The Amen Choir brought more than blankets. They delivered smiles that were contagious! Grins spread to the residents, then to the staff,  volunteers and finally, to us.

While we were taking pictures and interviewing the residents, we were given what we love most — proof that lives are being changed in our own neighborhood.

If you have been blessed with a beautiful voice, please consider sharing it with those of us who consider it pure joy to listen.Amen Choir and audience

4 thoughts on “Amen for the Amen Choir!

  1. HThis is a great mission these ladies have. May God bless their every effort to bring joy and comfort to. those who need it.

    • Thanks for your encouragement Susan. Let us know if you go sing to any of your local nursing home residents.

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