Born to Act

BORN TO ACT PLAYERS started when two young men with Down syndrome became friends. One of the mothers, Mary Rings, was an actor and drama coach and the other worked as a representative for professional talent with disabilities. In 1996, a handful of young people with Down syndrome began meeting weekly to memorize lines and play theater games.Barn To Act with Mary

MindyMindy Zazanis invited us to her “Got Talent” show.  She performed “It’s My Party,” while her fellow actors shared a variety of music, singing and movement. Each showcased their individuality by choosing the number they believed best represented their musical interests and talents. The house was filled and we were all thoroughly entertained. Other shows include improvisation, which allows the audience to participate-a challenge for any actor!Born to Act Blues Brothers

To date, many members of the company are now working actors. Some of their credits include “ER,” “The Guardian,” CSI,” “Family Law,” Any Day Now,” and many more.

The BORN TO ACT PLAYERS meet every Saturday. Cast members are taught theater vocabulary, body awareness, being focused in the moment, and improvisational skills. Students perform full plays, one acts, and monologues by famous authors, from Woody Allen to Shakespeare.

Your heart will be changed after meeting these actors and seeing how they are using their talents. For more information about their next show or to find out how you can get involved, click here.

Watch the video and be changed forever. Enjoy!

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