Capes for Extraordinary Kids

We are proud to report that another business has answered our challenge!

Steve Jones

Universal Services of America CEO Steve Jones

On behalf of Universal Services of America, CEO Steve Jones offered support to Tiny SuperHeroes, an organization dedicated to empowering extraordinary kids-one cape at a time. This photo of Steve at their company Christmas party made us think about the potential association Universal could have with the young, brave squad of Tiny SuperHeroes. Squad Card FrontThe connection seemed natural because Universal is in the business of saving lives through security services and fire/life safety training across the nation.
tiny superheroes 023

For the founder of Tiny SuperHeroes, Robyn Rosenberger, what began with a gift of a cape to a young girl named Brenna, born with a rare congenital skin disease, has quickly become a growing movement of empowerment! The team of Tiny SuperHeroes is stronger and more powerful than any Marvel team you have ever seen on-screen.

Won’t you join the CCH movement? If you own a business and think that you might have something to offer, please let us make the connection. It’s what we love to do. And if you take a chance to get involved, you will never be the same! To get started, just click here.
Tiny SuperHeroesTiny SuperHeroes Anthonycapes

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