Dancing Heals Hearts

valMeet Valerie Redhorse-Mohl, a business woman, actress, dancer and dedicated volunteer of the Anne Douglas Center. For the past 22 years, Valerie has been going to the mission each month!  Her focus is to help the ladies grow, both physically and spiritually, through dance. Valerie teaches a choreographed dance to pieces of music she later ties into an intimate time of sharing. The dancers end each evening sharing snacks that Valerie and her volunteers provide.Val and gang

The most unexpected part of each dance session is the common ground Valerie naturally establishes as the residents and volunteers drop their guard and discover the unexpected commonality of their lives.

Valerie has the unique gift of helping women laugh during the most challenging times in their lives so they feel comfortable sharing their fears. She also listens with an open heart–encouraging and orchestrating a full-circle prayer time, whose themes continue from month to month.valerie and ladies

“It has become a tradition for me to teach the dance from Thriller every October. The ladies look forward to learning the dance and I never get tired of teaching it. It has been my joy to see how quickly the ladies learn the steps, laugh, and work together as a group,” Valerie shared. “After we dance, I tie in the “scary” Thriller theme to discussing our own fears and how God gives us the strength and tools to overcome those fears. It is always amazing how after dancing and sweating together our Bible study and prayer discussions become so intimate, supportive and meaningful. These women, both the residents and volunteers, embody a sisterhood in Christ!”

If you have a passion for dance,we hope that this video inspires you. Is there a local group you can dance with?



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