Farmers Market and ONEgeneration

Farmers Market ONE generation2The Encino Farmers Market is a great Sunday morning destination and a wonderful way to be a part of changing lives. We love to head there to meet vendors, sample new food, fill our bags with goodies and know that we are contributing, in a small way, to our community. Each participant gives a portion of the proceeds towards helping to support ONEgeneration and the services they provide.

The founders of ONEgeneration envision communities which embrace healthy aging and child development with families enriched through inter-generational relationships.

This unique approach to coordinate activities to enrich multiple generations brings us back to the days when three generations lived together under one roof. It is heartwarming to see three generations strolling through the berries and flowers, taking a long-needed relaxed approach to a day out of the house.

We often see young aspiring artists who are painting birdhouses or bookmarks at Grammy & Grandpa’s Corner while their parents chat with local farmers, taste cheese and buy flowers.
Farmers Market kidsWe also love finding handmade treasures, food vendors and talented musicians to help transform anyone’s perspective.Farmers Market

We highly recommend that you visit the Encino ONEgeneration Farmers Market or find your own local market. Give it a try to see if you  leave feeling happier, healthier and more connected to your community as we so often do. For more information click here.

Farmers market flowers

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