TinySuperheroes Fighting for the Undiagnosed

tiny superheroes 023Robyn Rosenberger and her TinySuperhero Squad continue their powerful missions! Each month, they focus on a new reality–spending the entire month focused on raising awareness for a foundation which is helping the cause.

Campaign #6 focuses on SWANUSA. These children are often described in many different ways, such as undiagnosed syndrome, unknown diagnosis, or mystery diagnosis.

By directing us to their website and explaining their story, the squad helps connect families who are experiencing similar struggles. They also raise money for research.

When you purchase and wear a TinySuperheroes in Action hoody or T-shirt, you are helping to fund the organization and also enlightening your friends and neighbors.T-Shirt

Tiny SuperHeroesTo purchase a hoody or T-shirt, click here. We are ordering ours now. Who doesn’t need a cozy hoody in their closet when the clouds roll in?

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