To Give is to Receive

Dollies MalibuThe distinction between givers and receivers is blurred in our story today. Although, to the founders of Dollies Making A Difference, it really doesn’t matter. Their motto: “To Give is to Receive,” covers both sides of the coin.

Last month, we asked our readers to go back through our stories to find one charity to support. Pinnacle Estate Properties in Malibu, CA, took up our challenge. After reading about Dollies Making A Difference, Managing Partner Jeff Chertow  and Associate Partner Michael Cunningham met with Dollie Ladies Cindy, Dorothy, and Deidre, to present them with a check.

The confusion about who was actually giving and who was receiving began when we heard that the Dollie Ladies arrived to receive the donation with dollies and teddies to give!  They brought posters of children and told stories about the world they are changing. Both parties thanked us for the introduction, and we are convinced that this is just the beginning of a new collaboration which, most assuredly, will change hearts.

The Dollie magic happens every week in Cindy Simon’s dining room; where friends who are artists, sewers, yarn hair stylists, applique designers and stuffers, converge around the table to share their lives as well as a common purpose. Take a look!

If you are a business owner, help us “Pay It Forward,” by helping to support the artists and crafters who are using their gifts and talents to change lives. To contact us, click here. We would love to tell your story!

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