We’ve been changed because of you!

It has been only four short months since we began this journey, trying to connect crafts with charities. We love telling stories about talented crafters and their generous donations to charity organizations in our neighborhoods and around the world. We have already learned some amazing and unexpected things.

“First, we have witnessed how humble the crafting community is; not seeking recognition for their beautiful creations and often quite unaware of the huge impact they are making.” Amanda shared. “In fact, we have often begged for the opportunity to take pictures and tell stories by explaining how their efforts can be multiplied by other groups across the county. Crafters who have shared with us have done so because their ultimate goal is to bless others.”

Head of BB

Renee Rigley – Blanket Blessings

Renee, with Blanket Blessings Ministry of Shepherd of the Hills, is a perfect example of someone who doesn’t want to shine more than her Creator. We reported that, due to her efforts, more than 6,000 blankets and scarves have been lovingly made and distributed to the local community.

Anne Rubenstein, director of the Calvary Chapel Quilters, Thousand Oaks, CA

Anne Rubenstein – Calvary Chapel Quilters

We also met Anne, of Calvary Chapel Quilters, who organized a group of quilters to make more than 100 quilts for orphans across the globe in Russia. Again, we found that had her story gone untold, other quilters would have missed out on the inspiration to turn their passions and talents toward the greater good.

Janet Roberts, shown below, gave us a new understanding about the journey we were taking. A talented and well known artist, Janet decided to give back to the communities she was connected to. As a four time cancer survivor, she showed us how her art was used to raise necessary dollars for Cancer Support Community-Benjamin Center,where she found comfort and community. Her story inspired us to start looking outside the box and beyond the world of “crafts,” to the entire world of the arts.

me painting in studio 2007

Janet Roberts – Artist

Photo by Shea Roggio

Jane Golden – Photo by Shea Roggio

We were further stretched after seeing the magnificent graffiti on the buildings of Philadelphia. We had moved outside of the craft community to a broader group of artists and creative talents–using their gifts to create hope, change and community. Jane Golden, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Arts Program, is shown, right. We applaud her.

Susan Lane introduced us to her folk art line of Guardian Angels, which she creates to comfort, encourage and also raise money for wonderful causes. One angel was auctioned off and raised $800 for The Lucy Pet Foundation. Susan has demonstrated how one person can enjoy creating something beautiful and then use it to help a community.

Susan Lane

Susan Lane

Wendy - Quitly Pleasures



Bailey Hayes - Baseball Flags

Bailey Hayes – Baseball Flags

Artist Rachel Rubenstein and her heart inspired auction piece for Union Station.

Artist Rachel Rubenstein and her heart inspired auction piece for Union Station Homeless Services.

Quilts, Dollies, Pillowcase Dresses, Knitted Sweaters, Eyeglass Cases, Flags and Owie BowWowies have changed thousands of hearts, including our own.

Thank you to all of you–crafters, artists and readers who have directed us to wonderful stories, exposed us to worthy charities and their amazing founders, donated fabric, and given us the desire to tell more stories and see hearts changed.

We are committed to connect those of you who love to use your gifts to organizations which need exactly what you have to offer. We hope that you will get some friends together and create something from your hearts. We would love to tell the story of how your art is changing hearts forever.

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