A Heart For Giving

Heart Pillows GroupLas Fortunas is a group of nine friends who combine friendship with philanthropy. They meet monthly for dinner in each other’s homes and hold workshops to create something for others several times a year. Currently, they are cutting, stuffing and sewing Heart Breast Cancer pillows for Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center.

Heart-shaped pillows are designed specifically to ease the pain for recovering breast cancer patients. The pattern is specific. However, the fabrics chosen are meant to add light and beauty after mastectomy.

“I heard of this project as I am a member of the Westside Quilt Guild in West Los Angeles (your site featured them last year). It is a perfect project for us because each of us have different skills and, so we each have something to contribute,” Sherry Kleinman shared.

Heart Pillows assembling

These ladies are doing exactly what we, at CCH, have found so inspiring. They are spending time together, building friendships and using their artistic talents to reach out to others. Their smiles radiate with purpose, charity, and beauty.

We hope that you will reach out to a community that captures your heart and join this powerful underground movement of purpose. You may already be doing just that.  If so, please tell us your story. Who knows how many hearts will be changed?

Heart Pillows

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