A Nap Can Change a Heart

Staycation STATION headerWe just had our first Staycation! Now we are convinced (more than ever) — it is a gift to ourselves when we are able to provide a time of healing for our girlfriends.

Our Mission-to offer a time of comfort and refreshment to our friends.
Our Ultimate Vision-to have Staycation Stations serving women across the nation.

We’ve all experienced a season in our lives when we needed a Staycation of our own-at a time of crisis or overwhelming responsibilities, when all we really needed was a quiet place to regroup.

If only we could have taken a nap, watched a movie, enjoyed a good book, laughed, ate some yummy food with a friend or enjoyed a glass of wine on the patio. We would have been back to our best selves in no time. Staycation CindyBut who takes the time? Who can afford a spa, hotel, restaurant and movie without creating a financial crisis on top of it all?

We want to know that women are going to Staycation Stations everywhere; orchestrated by the women who love them and are able to provide a pampering place. The “Stations” have a cozy extra room for privacy or place by the pool for an iced tea or a patio perfect for reading a good book or enjoying a salad.

Staycation Hosts are empty-nesters or widows — women with extra room or married women who have a backyard that is meant to be shared. The other members of a hosting group may not have the space but would gladly provide a bottle of wine, a meal, baked treats or even offer a neck and shoulder massage. It only requires a few amenities to create a magical time of healing and refreshment.

Invite someone to your own Staycation Station and you will never be the same! For more information on how to create a Staycation Station for someone you care about, click here.


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