How To Host A Staycation

The possibilities are endless!

Staycation In The Son postcard

We discovered how easy it was create a Bed-n-Breakfast like experience, giving a one or two day gift of pampering to a friend. All you have to do is make the decision-find a space in your home or backyard that is peaceful and comfortable-ask a few friends to help — then go for it!

Here’s what you do

  • Decide who you want to invite.
  • Pick a date
  • Download our invitation here StaycationSTATIONEmailFlyer_rev4 and add your information or just make a phone call.
  • Decide on a simple menu.
  • Ask a few friends if they want to donate something to make it more special
  • Get ready to bless and to be blessed.

Make your home or backyard a Staycation Station.  Let us know how great it felt to use what you have to change a heart or two.

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