Heartbeats Heal Broken Hearts

Brian Schriek, is the coordinator of music therapy at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. In that capacity, he has found a way to capture a patient’s rhythmic essence – their heartbeat – and add it to music, to give a gift of the heart to grieving families.

Brian has found a proactive way to help families cope through pre- and post-bereavement. His intervention with the family begins by asking what songs are important to the patient and meaningful to them as a family. Then he takes these songs and adds them instrumentally over the beat of the patient’s heart.

The end results are songs that are unique to the patient and families he serves. The outcome is a preservation of the patient’s legacy.

We read many of the comments written about Brian’s impact on families. We are inspired and convinced, a million times over, that there are miracles being made in lives when people share their artistic gifts with the world. Thank you Brian!


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