AHA Moments Change Hearts!

Our AHA moment came after we began this journey with Crafts Changing Hearts. We were enthusiastic about telling stories to inspire others. It was a simple equation — more crafters=more recipients. But, what we found were individuals whose own AHA moments completely changed the direction of their lives and created a vision and formula for others to join in. The impact these visionaries are making so far exceeds anything we had ever conceived possible that we feel honored to share their stories.

We are now huge fans of Robyn Rosenberger. Her affection for one special little girl, whom she followed on a blog, gave her the AHA moment she needed to lead the extraordinary team of Tiny Superheroes. Join their mission. Sponsor a child by  providing them with a cape. Your heart will be changed. If you haven’t read about these amazing children yet, please click here.tiny superheroes 023

Photo by Shea Roggio

Jane Golden – Photo by Shea Roggio

We have also added the Philadelphia Mural Arts sightseeing tour to our bucket lists. We were inspired while writing about Jane Golden, Executive Director of the Philadelphia Arts Program. She is the driving force behind this highly-acclaimed program, using graffiti to enrich the lives of an entire community and create social change. We applaud her and want you to enjoy more by clicking here.

Artist Rachel Rubenstein and her heart inspired auction piece for Union Station.

Artist Rachel Rubenstein and her heart inspired auction piece for Union Station.

Artist Rachel Rubenstein has inspired us by using her God-given talents to raise necessary funds for Union Station Homeless Services in Pasadena.  She created and donated one original piece to be included in the silent auction at their recent fundraiser. To visit Rachel’s gallery, click here.

Additionally inspiring, one of our local heroes, Renee Rigley, showed us true humility as someone who never wants to shine more than her Creator. To date, thanks to her and the volunteers of Blanket Blessing Ministry, more than 17,000 blankets and scarves have been made and distributed here and abroad. To our amazement, we have never heard Renee take credit for a single one.Head of BB To read more, click here.

Quilts, Dollies, Pillowcase Dresses, Knitted Sweaters, Eyeglass Cases, Books, Flags, Owie BowWowies, Acting, Singing and Handwritten Cards have already changed thousands of hearts–including our own. You have joined us and shared how you are sponsoring, crafting and hosting home parties with purpose. Keep it up and let us know how your lives have been changed in the process.

Thank you for taking this journey with us!  We hope that you follow your hearts and find AHA moments of your own.

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