An Angel for the Arts

Susan Lane is an artist who exemplifies our passion for changing hearts. A commissioned artist who creates angels for children afraid of the dark, Susan’s work also helps adults mourning the loss of their pet and even celebrities decorating their newborns’ nurseries. She has also donated her angels to raise money for causes that are dear to her heart. To learn more about Susan and her angels, click here.VADA Draw Angel

Last Saturday, one of Susan’s Guardian Angels made its way to The VADA Draw; a fundraiser for Santa Barbara High School’s Visual Arts & Design Academy.

Over 100 community artists and celebrities donated one of their own creations in support of the program. Attendees bought tickets and received an original work of art, a Foundry tour, food and drinks–all accompanied by music and dancing. The artists were not allowed to sign their pieces and attendees were randomly chosen to determine the order in which they were able to choose an artwork from the collection.

VADA integrates college, advanced placement, honors and college preparatory level coursework with project-based, career-focused art and design instruction in a supportive and and creative environment. This is a unique and inspiring example of the life-changing impact a great vision can have when executed.

Click here to see how the Santa Barbara community made it all happen. Maybe you will be inspired to get involved or help young artists at your local high school. What a fun way to bring a community together and change everyone’s hearts in the process.
VADA class projectsVADA
Vada class project girlVADA Class

3 thoughts on “An Angel for the Arts

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    • Susan Lane will create a custom guardian angel for you. Please go to our story and click through to her gallery.

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