Animation Calming Children’s Fears

max_and_buddy_poseThe unknown can be very scary. But, with Max and Buddy alongside, a hospitalized child will be prepared before having to undergo otherwise frightening tests.

Bear Facts DavidDavid Mathieu, artist and owner of Bear Facts Entertainment, has found a way to help the medical community keep a child still during critical tests, such as a CT Scan. Testimonials from major hospitals confirm as much as a 40% decrease in childhood sedation. This is a huge plus for both the child–who does not require medication, and the hospital–looking for ways to save money and time.

David and his team have created animated DVDs of Max, Buddy and friends, all of which are entertaining and clever. While the characters go through the same tests that the child will soon experience, Max and friends answer common misconceptions in an effort to prepare the child to lay still and not be surprised by certain sights or sounds.DTI Waiting Room

We, at CCH, were pleasantly surprised to learn that it is quite affordable and also can be tailored to any budget. Waiting rooms are transformed to invite a child to embrace the experience.

Bear Facts Entertainment has stepped above all competition by offering totally customized patient experiences. The team transforms otherwise dreary and scary doctors offices and hospital exam rooms to jungles or oceans for all-encompassing adventures. The child is taken away from a frightening experience to a place where they can use their imagination.

There is also a non-profit arm to this innovative company, which provides DVDs and room conversions for financially stretched individuals and hospitals. A small donation will go a long way to help many children.

We are always looking for new stories to tell about creative people using their talents to change hearts. We believe Bear Facts Entertainment is doing just that! They are finding ways to remove fear from the hearts of children. Find out more click here.
Bear Facts Entertainment child

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