Baseballs, Flags and 4th of July

Bailey Flags
Artist Bailey Hayes found a way to repurpose baseballs into original works of art. The American flag has never looked more American! The flag is made entirely out of used professional league baseballs. She takes each ball apart stitch by stitch, then unwinds the inside string which she then dyes navy or red.

Baily has already been commissioned by patriotic, baseball loving art collectors across the nation. One proud owner told us that no photogragh does the piece justice because of the detail and texture of the art. As we made our attempts to photograph the piece, we fell even more in love with Baily’s work. It made us smile-thinking of baseball and America this 4th of July season. All that was missing was the apple pie!

To find out how you can get a flag of your own, contact Baily at

If you tell Baily that you heard about her through CCH, she will donate 10% to the charity of your choice. Why not get one on your wall and help a veteran’s organization.
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2 thoughts on “Baseballs, Flags and 4th of July

    • Hi Michael,
      The artist is Bailey Hayes and you can contact her at Her pieces are one of a kind and are so much better than the pictures…which don’t do the flags justice. By buying a baseball flag, you will be supporting For The Troops!

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