Valentine Doggie Ambassadors

Doggie Ambassadors 2One day a year, the Dollie ladies break away from creating dollies and teddy bears and turn their attention to creating handmade Valentines. They believe EVERYONE deserves a beautiful Valentine on Valentine’s Day!

This year, they made hearts for adults at the Apostolic Christian Skyline Home in Peoria, Illinois, and for people who receive meals from Meals on Wheels in their hometown of Pacific Palisades, California.dollie ambassadors 4

This is their second year of making Valentines for the young patients at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

Imagine their delight when they learned that the Valentines were delivered by Doggie Ambassadors from the UCLA People-Animal Connection (PAC), an animal-assisted therapy program. From the looks on the children’s AND doggie’s faces, everyone had a wonderful time!
Doggie AmbassadorsDoggie Ambassadors1

Doggie Ambassadors3Doggies

To learn more about the dogs that are living to love and change hearts, watch this!

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