Helping Hands Healing Feet

Kumonkumon Sole Hope with NancyNancy Milkovich answered our call to action after reading about Sole Hope: an organization dedicated to putting shoes on children’s feet, one pair at a time. Children without shoes are being infected daily by jiggers-an insect that lays eggs under the skin, causing infection, disease and even death. The contrast of  her own life to the plight of children in Africa moved her to dig deeper.

She was intrigued by the accounts of others who were hosting Shoe Parties: people cutting up old jeans to provide shoes for children who have none. As a  Kumon Learning Center business owner, she considered the shoe-less children and began to think beyond math and reading. She was touched in a profound way, which led her to order her own Sole Hope Shoe Party Kit.Sole hope clinic 2 Her first step!

“I really didn’t know what to expect when the package arrived. After watching the  DVD, I felt prepared to set a date and offer my students an opportunity to join in the fun.” Her second step!

“I purchased the small list of supplies and asked each of my students to bring an old pair of jeans and a good pair of scissors. After only a few hours, we had completed packages for nearly 40 pairs of shoes!” Her final step!

“I think my students had as much fun as I did! I know it meant a great deal to them to potentially save a life by providing something as basic as a pair of shoes.”

While visiting the shoe-making party, we were not at all surprised to hear the laughter and see all of the smiling faces while so much “work” was being done. Nancy now plans to make Shoe Parties a monthly event at Kumon, giving her students the opportunity to change children’s lives in Africa. Thanks to Nancy, the students of her Porter Ranch Kumon Center will be given the opportunity to participate, earn community service hours, and connect their hearts to a worthy cause.

It is great to see old torn up jeans being re-purposed for such a wonderful cause. Don’t we all have a pair just waiting to become shoes? If you would like to have a shoe party of your own, please click hereKumon Sole Hope Volunteers
Kumon sole hope helpers

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