A Case for Smiles

ConKerr RyanCindy Kerr, Founder of ConKerr Cancer had one goal when her son was fighting cancer. She wanted to make his hospital stays easier. She made pillowcases for Ryan and with the help of friends made pillowcases for other children on the oncology ward.

Ryan was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 12. His six year fight included 5 recurrences of cancer, 30 months of chemotherapy, 15 surgeries and over 150 days of physical therapy. But Ryan chose how he would fight this battle. He fought with courage and passion while setting in motion the reason for thousands of smiles where you would least expect them.

“When Ryan was dying, he made it clear that he didn’t want ConKerr Cancer to be about him; he wanted it to be about every seriously ill child.”

Their mission is clear–to make a sick child’s day brighter, with the help of the gift of a pillowcase.

People all over the world are finding ways to get involved. Groups meet at local quilt shops or invite friends to their homes to sew pillowcases. We will join in the fun this weekend at Quilty Pleasures in Simi Valley. Some even have a sewing day for sick kids who are hospitalized. You can sponsor a day like this for $150. There are local chapters across the continent. If you would like to find a chapter near you, please click here.chapter-template-slide-2ConKerr Sewing Day $150 Sponsor
This never-ending journey of discovery has brought us closer to understanding how some of the darkest times in our lives can plant the seed for something as grand as the ConKerr Cancer organization, bringing smiles to the children who need to know there is another someone who cared enough to make them a pillowcase of their own.

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