Braided Door Pulls Make A Difference

We’re still talking about braided door pulls. Why? Because we had such a great response and some of our readers didn’t understand how they were used or why they were so helpful to our elderly community.  Many of you loved the simplicity of this craft and marveled at the great repurposing of fabric scraps. Others agreed that this craft is one for any age group.

We visited Emeritus Senior Living Center in Chatsworth, CA to get the answers and see how the residents were using the pulls.Braided pull Millie 2

“I’m 94 years old. I fell five years ago and have had to use a wheelchair ever since. It is impossible to reach back and close the door to my room without something to pull it shut,” beautiful Millie explained.”Before receiving the braided door pull, I had to tie a long scarf around the doorknob to get my door shut. I saw a gentleman down the hall use a tie.”

Katrina Clare is the talented hairdresser styling many of the Emeritus residents. We are so grateful for her introduction to our model, Millie. Katrina also encouraged us to let you crafters know that you really are changing hearts.  Millie

We at CCH would like to see more of the braided pulls being made and distributed to senior living centers. All you need is a sewing machine, covered rubber bands and some fleece fabric scraps. If you do, please send us some pictures so we can post on our Instagram @arttohearts.

We can’t wait to hear from you and see some pictures.

Remember, anyone can do it!

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