Braided Fabric Scraps Close Doors

Braided pull Millie 2Opening a door seems like a simple task to most of us. But for many in our elderly community, opening a door can be a daunting task when attempting to maneuver a walker or wheel chair. To make the task easy, braided pulls were created.

Braided pulls are made of soft fleece strips, braided together in a long chain. We recently posted about the thousands of blankets this group has provided, which are made from soft colorful fabric. There will now be no waste. The once unusable scraps are saved and trimmed to become braided pulls and we can’t wait to hear how many of our elderly will benefit by having one.Braids-Kim-Lucy

“This clever craft has a rubber band at one end which hangs around the door knob. It is much easier to open a door using the braided pull.” Renee explained. “We heard that a group of students from Sierra Canyon High School made them for the residents of a convalescent home we make blankets for.”  The rest is history.

One amazing young lady from Shepherd of the Hills Church volunteered to take the scraps home and bring back finished door pulls the next month. We met up with mom and daughter, both of whom were glowing with the joy that comes from creating something beautiful and giving it away. Braid-Kim-door

Mom explained how she sews the end connected to the rubber band and then adds the label which includes a scripture. Her daughter takes it from there and braids the three stands. Finally, Mom ties the ends off for the finishing touch. What a great team!

All ages can get in on the fun. Three generations of volunteers meet each month to make memories together and help people they have never met. Why? Because it just feels good.

What are you doing with your scraps?

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