Quilt Worthy

Bird QuiltBeing “quilt worthy” is a new concept to us at Crafts Changing Hearts. We have learned it is an oft-used phrase amongst quilters in regard to quilt-recipients. We are told that a ‘quilt-worthy recipient’ is someone who understands and appreciates the value of the treasure they have been given.

“Many people do not have any idea of the cost or the hours that went into crafting the quilt,” says Anne Rubenstein of Calvary Chapel Quilters. “Without this knowledge, the quilt is not perceived as a treasure.”

This misconception is owed largely to the availability of mass-produced, machine-made quilts which are available at discount stores for $50. Lacking craftsmanship and attention to detail, these comforters have undermined the appreciation people once had for handmade quilts.

Consider the Cost

Picture2Fabric: $10-$13 per yard

Batting: $12 per yard

Backing: $8 – $13 per yard

Quilting by Machine: $300

Hand-quilting: $500 – $1,000

Time: 1 month – 10 years


Crafts Changing Hearts would like to enlighten the non-quilting community about heirloom-quality quilts. Any time we present any handmade quilt to to any organization on behalf of the quilters who made it, we make it standard practice to share what we have learned.

Hand quilting takes expertise, time and more time. These ladies, pictured below, hope to finish 4 squares per day. They meet once a week to quilt and raise money for their favorite charities.

Three graduates of The Anne Douglas Center for Women are starting their new lives.

Three graduates of The Anne Douglas Center for Women are starting their new lives.


The quilting community has encouraged us with their generous and humble spirits. The talent and creativity in a room full of quilters is overwhelming. The quilting community is growing strong and is made up of some of the finest, most generous people in the world.

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