Quilts Heal Hearts

  • When pain strikes, Wendy starts quilting!
  • If Anne finds out a friend is hurting, she grabs one of her masterpieces and wraps her friend’s fears away.
  • Whenever Leanne creates a quilt, she adds a poetic written description of the meaning behind her design.
Wendy Shear

Wendy Shear

For all of these women, quilting is more than a hobby–it is a tangible expression of love.

Having received two quilts during dark times in my own life, I can testify to the remarkable comfort of a handmade quilt. Unlike regular blankets or mass-produced pieces, quilts feature stitches which are sewn with prayer and fabrics that have been carefully crafted to create a timeless expression of beauty and hope.

Anne Rubenstein

Anne Rubenstein

These days, more and more people are in need of comfort. Loss of a loved one, a home or a job, a divorce, or news of a frightening diagnosis can lead to loneliness, fear and despair. At times like this, we realize our need for true friends, who will reach out like Wendy, Anne and Leanne.

For those of us on the receiving end of thoughtful, homemade gifts, it’s important to appreciate the time and money devoted to every single quilt, which is far more than any can imagine. The term, “Quilt Worthy,” is a phrase coined and used by quilters when considering distributing their treasures. To learn more about being “Quilt Worthy,” click here.

Do you have a passion for quilting? Have you stacked handmade treasures in a corner for safe keeping? We would love to hear how some of your quilts have found new homes.

Annie Dwyer

Leanne Dwyer

Suzanne 3Crafts Changing Hearts is focused on people who are willing to change hearts by using their God-given gifts to serve others.

The stories that inspire us are endless and we will continue to tell them in hopes that you too will find your own reason to                                                                         pay it forward.

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