A Life Worth Imitating

Alexander Aquino We are proud to introduce you to Alexander Aquino -Founder and CEO of BARNABAS Clothing.  His popular line of clothing for men, women and children described as California casual with urban sport influences is designed to help us live with purpose– even in the way we dress.

When you wear the Barnabas logo, you are making a statement. The statement is simple yet profound —to live a life worth imitating.

Barnabas womenThe growing trend of young successful  entrepreneurs taking their talents into the fashion industry has inspired us at CCH to think about the purchases we make. To check out their Spring collection, click here.

This company is also leading the way in giving back. Barnabas Clothing donates a portion of ALL sales to Living Room International, a non-profit organization based in Western Kenya, which provides comprehensive care to men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS or other life-threatening illnesses.

The”Why behind the brand” page keeps you up to date on the individuals whose lives are being changed by your purchases. Click here to see their faces and read their stories. BARNABAS Clothing wants to connect you, the customer, to the causes in Kenya.
Barnaba CharityOur sincere thanks to Alexander for giving us an opportunity to join in. We applaud you for living your life with purpose!

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